Health care practices we service

Acupuncturist / Acupuncture
Audiologists / Audiology
Allergy & Immunology
Anesthesiologists / Anesthesiology
Bariatric Surgery
Cardiologists / Cardiology
Chiropractor / Chiropractic
Dermatologists / Dermatology
Dentist / Dentistry
Durable Medical Equipment
Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists / Ear, Nose & Throat Speciality
Emergency Medicine Doctors / Emergency Medicine
Endocrinologists / Endocrinology
Family Practitioners / Family Practice Physicians / Family Practice Doctors
Freestanding Emergency Centers
Gastroenterologist / Gastroenterology
Geriatric Physicians / Geriatrics
General Surgery
Hematologists / Hematology
Hepatologists / Hepatology
Internal Medicine Physicians / Internal Medicine
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Mental Health

Neonatologists / Neonatology
Neurologists / Neurology
Oncologists / Oncology
OB GYN / Obstetricians / Gynecologists / Obstetrics / Gynecology
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Ophthalmologists / Ophthalmology
Optometrists / Optometry
Orthopedists / Orthopedics
Osteopaths / Osteopathic
Pain Management
Pathologists / Pathology
Pediatricians / Pediatrics
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)
Physical Therapists / Physical Therapy
Podiatrists / Podiatry
Psychiatrists / Psychiatry
Radiologists / Radiology
Rheumatologists / Rheumatology
Urgent Care
Urologists / Urology
Vascular Surgery

What should you expect from First Choice Billers?

Higher Reimbursement
Faster Reimbursement
Lower Overhead Costs


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