We can decrease and potentially eliminate your denials while increasing the profitability of your business.

We can resolve your billing disputes in a timely manner and ensure proper reimbursement

First Choice Billers denial notification process allows us to identify potential discrepancies and resolve them timely, ensuring your proper reimbursement.

  • As part of your back-office, our team strives on collecting your denials because we understand how it affects your bottom line.
  • Our professional staff are experienced to pursue and follow-up on all carrier claims and disputed ones.
  • Our collectors are your advocates and we know how to confront every disputed claim to achieve optimal reimbursements.

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What should you expect from First Choice Billers?

Higher Reimbursement
Faster Reimbursement
Lower Overhead Costs


that’s how much you may be loosing due to uncollected insurance claims!

We can help you get reimbursed more – and faster – in accordance to your provider contract.
You only pay us after you’ve received your money!

Find out why healthcare practices trust us with their billing.

First Choice Billers
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